Lose total control...

Have you ever fantasized of being kidnapped and at the mercy of a strong, powerful and sadistic FemDomme?

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Get snatched right out of a busy public place and right into the hands of Baroness V and Her team of Female Helpers with our consentual abduction sessions.

No request is too extreme.

Whether we meet you in your hometown, ours or 1/2 way in between, our professional Baroness Abduction Team will flawlessly execute your ultimate dreams of loss of control, sensory deprivation, interrogation, torture and punishment – all at the hands of a powerful, gorgeous, sensual Mistress.

Bookings begin at 5 hours and can run up to 5 days maximum.


Your fantasy can be anything from being a captured war criminal, an escaped prisoner, a discovered secret agent, or just a victim of mistaken identity each safe, sane and consensual fantasy abduction is tailor made to fit your unique individual needs and desires.


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