Do you fantasize about falling victim of a sexy, sadistic latex clad Cat Woman?

Dive deep into your ultimate fantasy and give up control to the diabolical mind of CatVixen.

CatVixen will crawl into your mind with Her diabolical ideas and soon you will be at the mercy of this powerful, corrupt Vixen and Her henchmen.

Whether you watch Her videos, look at Her pictures or meet Her face-to-face for a session, CatVixen’s evil plan will soon become apparent – using and abusing you or robin the boy wonder or anyone that gets in the way of Her capturing Her ultimate prey, Batman.

CatVixen’s interests include but are not limited to:grappling & wrestling, bondage, roleplaying,
interrogation, sensory deprivation, restraints, latex, CBT, E-stimulation, violet wand, sounds, breath play and water sports